March 26, 2016




Wendy Delaney

Wendy Delaney is the author of the Home of the Working Stiffs Mystery Series. Her website allows her books and all new ones to be in one location with all the links to branch out to the ordering services she used. There is a blog for when she wants to interact with her fans, and a newsletter sign up so she can send news and updates to her followers using external mailing services.


Laura Taylor Books

Laura Taylor is a romance author and editor who wanted a website that looked very sleek and elegant while still clearly displaying all the information she wanted to show her customers. She doesn’t blog and instead uses it as an announcements page to give her readers updates on new releases, sales and events.

“I’m thrilled by the wonderful website – – created for my readers by Tin Cup Hosting. You’ve achieved an easy to navigate, information rich website, which is precisely what I requested. Thank you!”
Laura Taylor, Award-Winning Author + Editorial Consultant


Washington Aerospace Group

Washington Aerospace Group is a group of contractors based in Washington state who needed a platform to connect with potential clients. Business cards weren’t cutting it with todays technology so they needed a fast and responsive yet professional website to direct potential clients to.


Kristine Cayne

Kristine Cayne is a romance author. She wanted a website where she could interact with her fans, have a blog on the website, have product pages for all her books and an eCommerce shop setup and ready to go in case she ever wanted to start selling signed books.


OverVolt Technologies

OverVolt Tech is a local computer and laptop repair shop, who also sell computers. The website was made to extend their reach to even more people. They also wanted to have a central place where people could get all the information they needed about the services they provide or their computers.