March 25, 2016


Images can make or break a website. They are the unifying object that brings all the different elements together in a website.

Have completed graphics / banners ready-to-go?

Send them to us, and we will resize them as needed at no further cost.

Don’t have any graphics / banners and don’t know how to make any?

No problem. If you have photos (owned or licenced) that you would like us to use to create a banner or image, simply send them to us.

If you do not have any photos to send us and would like us to create something, that’s fine too. We will search the stock image sites and find the best images for you. We will, of course, seek your approval prior to making any purchases. Photo licensing costs will be charged to you.

Every image costs $9.99, not including photo licensing.

Smaller images like icons will come at no cost.